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Community Development

Did you know...

If you own a Main Street property used for residential purposes, you can convert to commercial use and occupancy? Call today (970) 876-2353 Ext. 110 to talk about your property!

Did you know...

The Town offers a $1,000 grant for improving commercial building facades, installing landscaping, or otherwise improving your commercial property? Click HERE for an application!

Did you know...

The Town is an Opportunity Zone and investors are looking for commercial properties to buy and put uses to? Click HERE to find out more about economic development!

Is your property in the floodplain?
If it is, your homeowner insurance will
not pay for damages caused by storm
water. A property designated in a 
floodplain must purchase separate
floodplain insurance that is backed
by the federal government. Don't 
be caught in a bad situation!  Determine
whether your property is in the floodplain
and get National Flood Insurance Program
information HERE

The State of Colorado requires that each structure proposed for demolition first have a State Demolition Permit, which includes a report on whether the home has asbestos. If the home has asbestos, the property owner shall take certain measures to remove the asbestos-laden materials and package such for the landfill. Please click here for more information and the State application. Once a property owner has a State Demolition Permit, the Town will issue its Demolition Permit. An application is here

The Town is Solar Friendly!  Installing roof-top solar only requires a miscellaneous permit!
Get more information HERE!