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Town of Silt
Frequently Asked Questions 
         Utility Bills
  • When is the Town Hall open?
    Town Hall is open Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

  • Who do I speak with if I have a problem with my utility bill?
    Please call (970) 876-2353 Ext. 101 to resolve a utility billing problem.

  • Who will receive the utility bill?
    The property owner will receive the bill at the mailing address provided to the Town. A tenant may receive a duplicate bill if requested by either the tenant or the owner.

  • Who is responsible for payment of the utility bill?
    The property owner will receive a monthly bill from the Town, and a duplicate will go the tenant as requested. Utility bills are legally the property owner's responsibility.

  • What if I don't get a utility bill?
    Utility bills are a courtesy to the consumer, and failure to receive a bill does not excuse the consumer from payment. Please feel free to call the Town Hall and inquire as to your balance due. We are always glad to help!

  • How much is my utility bill?
    Your utility bill is calculated with water, sewer, trash and irrigation charges together. Please see Utility Billing under the Departments page for up-to-date base charges.

  • Why doesn't my bill go down when I use less water?
    The base rates listed above allow you to use UP TO the 2000 gallons (domestic) or 3500 square feet (irrigation). The Town will only consider lower rates if your property is vacant or if you have less than 500 square feet of irrigated space (and have permission to use potable water for irrigation).

  • What if I have a water leak?
    If the water leak is within a home or business, or anywhere between the water meter and the home or business, the leak is the property owner's responsibility. Town staff will gladly shut off the water to the home/business so that repairs may be completed. Please call the Town Hall at 876-2353 Ext. 101 to request a shut-off during business hours. After hours or on weekends and holidays, please call dispatch at 625-8095 to request a shut-off. Charges may apply.

  • What if I see a water leak somewhere else in Town?
    Please call the Town Hall at 876-2353 Ext. 101 during business hours. Evenings, weekends and holidays please call dispatch at 625-8095. Please have some specific information available such as an address, or description (behind brown house, in alley), or cross streets (16th Street and Grand Avenue). And, thank you for reporting the problem!

  • Why am I being billed for irrigation water if it's not available?
    Irrigation water is on a budget-type billing which makes your monthly bill constant throughout the year.

  • Can I pay my utility bill with my credit card?
    The Town of Silt has credit card service at this time. Please go to and create an account. You must have the name on the account and the account number in order to sign up for Xpressbillpay. For any other questions, please contact Utility Billing Clerk Janey Dyke at (970) 876-2353 Ext. 101.

  • What if I have brown water from my home or business faucet?
    Brown water from your faucet is most likely caused by recent work on the water lines or flushing of hydrants in your neighborhood. Please run your faucet for a few moments and the brown water should clear. If it doesn't, please contact Trey Fonner, Public Works Director at (970) 876-2353 Ext. 106.

          Other FAQs
  • Can I register to vote at the Town Hall?
    Yes. Town Clerk Sheila McIntyre has voter registration forms. Please come into the Town Hall to get the form, or call (970) 876-2353 Ext. 102 to have a registration form mailed.

  • Where do I get a driver's license or license plates?
    Driver's licenses are available at the Department of Motor Vehicles in the Glenwood Springs Mall in West Glenwood Springs. License plates are obtained at the Rifle Office of the Clerk and Recorder at the corner of Third and East Streets.

  • Do I need a building permit?
    Questions about building permit requirements should be directed to the Community Develpment Department. Please call 876-2353, Extension 108 for Community Development Director Janet Aluise, or email her at

  • What are my watering days?
    Even numbered addresses may water on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Odd Numbered addresses may water on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. There is NO watering on Fridays. Please do not allow water to run more than twenty (20) minutes in any one place, or to fall upon a hard surface such as the street or a driveway.

  • Where can I find a notary?
    Most of the Town staff are notary publics. The Town charges $2.00 per document. The Town will only perform notary service for a person who has a valid picture ID and who sign the document in the presence of the notary. All documents are subject to the notary's review for completeness prior to notarization.

  • Where do I call to order my irrigation water shares (out-of-town residents only)?
    Irrigation water for out-of-town residents is ordered through the Silt Water Conservancy. Please call 876-2393.

  • Where can I purchase bulk water?
    The Town of Silt has a bulk water plant. It is located on South 7th Street (south of Main Street). Bulk water may be purchased by using either quarters in the machine, or by the use of a bulk water card, obtained through the Town. Water is dispensed at the rate of $.50 per 50 gallons of water.

  • What is a bulk water card?
    A bulk water card is a convenient way to purchase bulk water without the need for quarters. A person may pay a $5.00 deposit and receive a card that they may put money onto. The cards are used like a debit card in the bulk water machine. Water is dispensed at the normal rate of $.25 per 50 gallons of water. The cards do NOT have pin numbers, so be sure to retrieve it from the machine when you are done!

  • What schools are in Silt?
    Cactus Valley Elementary, located in Silt, serves the Town and outlying area for grades K through 4. Riverside Middle School, in New Castle, serves Silt and New Castle and the outlying areas for grades 5 through 8. Coal Ridge High School, in Peach Valley (between Silt and New Castle, on Highway 6) serves Silt, New Castle and the outlying area for grades 9 through 12.

  • Who do I call to set up electric and gas service in my home?
    Xcel Energy provides service for residences and businesses on the north side of the Colorado River. Holy Cross provides service on the south side of Colorado River.

  • Do I need a permit to build a shed?
    Yes. A miscellaneous permit may be issued for sheds under 200 square feet. A building permit is necessary for sheds 200 square feet and over.

  • Do I need a permit to build a fence?
    If you are replacing 25% or less of the existing perimeter of the fence and the replacement is in the exact location, you do not need a permit. Nor do you need a permit if the fence is under 36 inches in height. However, you do need a permit if the replacement is over 25% of the existing perimeter of the fence, if the fence is relocated, or if the fence is new (over 36 inches in height), in order for the Town to check heights, materials and locations.

  • How long does it take for the Town to review and issue a permit?
    A building permit for a residential or commercial unit usually takes up to two weeks of staff review, unless plans are incomplete. Miscellaneous permits may be issued the same day, depending on completeness of plans and time of day submitted.

  • How do I reserve a park or recreation field?
    The Town requires all reservations of fifty (50) or more people to be made in writing on forms provided by the Town. A charge of $5/day is charged prior to reservation, and applicant must submit insurance that lists the Town of Silt as an "additional insured". If the event anticipates under fifty (50) people in attendance, the parks/playing fields may be used on a first come - first served basis. Please remember that if you do not reserve the field, you must share the field with other people and groups under 50.

  • Where can I report a pothole?
    Please call Trey Fonner, Public Works Director at (970) 876-2353 Ext. 106.

  • Does the Town offer recreational or competitive Soccer, T-Ball, Coach Pitch Baseball, Youth Baseball and Youth Softball?
    The Town of Silt rents its fields to Silt Youth Sports Association for all recreational sports. Please go to the SYSA website @ or the SYSA Facebook page "Silt Youth Sports Association" for contact information.

  • What if I see vandalism occurring on Town property.
    Town property is owned by the taxpayers, so it is important to stay vigilant and report any vandalism as soon as possible. If you see vandalism occurring, please call 911 and report the incident. If you see evidence of vandalism (not in progress), please report to Trey Fonner, Public Works Director at (970) 876-2353 Ext. 106.

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